Why is automation testing done? It is primarily done to ensure that the software which is released in the market will not be able to encounter any kind of errors in the initial stages of its functioning for the general public. After all, it is not only about the effectiveness of the software but also about the reputation of the development agency in question, when it comes to finding out errors in the software pretty easily.

So, how do errors come into the software development and design? Well, whenever there is software which is introduced prematurely in the market, it leads to a lot less time given for the testing phase and a lot more importance given to releasing the software in order to target a certain amount of people before the competitor releases a more competent product. In the haste to do so, people do not rely a lot upon their testing services, and hence a lot of errors creep into the development of the software, leading it to function improperly when used in general settings.

What can be done in order to rectify the situation? Automated software testing is a feasible option. Not only will it be able to minimize the amount of human errors during the testing feature of the software, but it would be able to do it pretty easily and without any kind of problems. It has functionalities which enableĀ it to work around the clock, while at the same time maintaining the perfect preset settings as well as the stability required for the software to be tested in various formats.

What are some of the steps followed in the testing phase?

  • Software test automation – Since manual testing ends up taking a lot of time and can be under a constant strain leading to errors, the software test automation ensures that the software does not contain any kind of problems and is accurate to the given point.
  • Web service automation testing – The popularity of the Internet has led people to make use of web services which also throws a lot of challenges for the developer. With the automation testing services, the web developer will be able to test their service according to various formats and will be able to overcome any challenges in the initial development phase itself.
  • Mobile automation -With the ever-increasing features and a necessity for mobile applications to work across various operating systems and complex configurations, they need to be tested diligently and without any kind of compromises. Mobile automation testing is done to ensure that the program has the quality attributes towards making it a success in the field.
  • Functional test automation – The functional test automation helps in providing comprehensive coverage to all the functionalities that are to be found in different environment and scenarios. By validating every type of functionality according to the various conditions, the automation will be able to greatly reduce the exhaustive work that is to be done.
  • Automated regression testing – To evaluate the authenticity of the current functionalities after every change or modification, the automated regression testing is done. This is done frequently so that it removes any kind of defects in the program itself at the earliest development stages.